you can be sure your physical will be done professionally and correctly by our skilled and knowledgable staff

Dr. Gramm's office understands the importance of careful and skilled physical exams for people whose livelihood depends upon them. Since there are many careers that require a physical every year to continue in their field, we do not take the process lightly.

Our office is familiar with the requirements of many types of specialized physical exams. Extensive exams are given for advanced and professional needs, such as FAA clearance. General physical exams are also available for pre-employment or other purposes. Full physical exams are available for clearance to participate in competitive, intramural, or other sporting activities.

We are happy to provide all required documentation customized to the type of physical performed.


physicals offered include:

  • Employment
  • Law Enforcement and Military Clearances
  • Sports Physicals 
  • Senior Aviation Medical Examiner for First, Second and Third Class FAA Medical Physicals
  • Medical Evaluations, Veterans Administration
  • Pre-operative Surgical Clearance Physicals
  • Immigration Physicals:  Dr. Gramm is a United States Immigration Service Civil Surgeon
  • Parental Adoption Physicals
  • Pre-employment Physicals

Call us at (916) 652-0427 if you need a physical not listed here. We probably do it!